This year my husband, daughter, and my in-laws are travelling to Toronto to see Niagara Falls, it’s my daughter’s first time to see the falls and we’ll be driving all the way there since we’ll also be bringing my nephew with us. It will be fun


By the Garden Gate: A Journey With Robert Campin

A few years ago, in New York for a conference, I made a pilgrimage to The Cloisters museum and gardens. I use the term “pilgrimage” advisedly. Like a medieval traveler going to a shrine, I went to see a sacred object—the painting known as the Merode Altarpiece by Flemish artist Robert Campin. From Midtown, the […]

5 Things a Writer Must Do… or Maybe Not

A writer must know how to weave a story out of thin air. A writer must excel at making mountains out of mole hills. A writer must dazzle at mining gold from old rock. A writer must delight in connecting the dots on completely blank paper. A writer should be able to take any life […]

3 Ways Good Leaders Get Conversations Wrong

Improving the frequency and quality of conversations that take place inside your organization is one of the best ways to improve the overall quality of your company’s leadership. That’s the message Ken Blanchard and Scott Blanchard share in their latest column for Training Industry Magazine.  With the speed of work, the generational and cultural diversity […]