A Naughty Novelist Plus A Givewaway

Selena Robins, Author

Please join me in welcoming, the talented, witty and always naughty, multi-published author, Erin Nicholas. Erin is also generously giving away one of her books (contest details below).

Selena: Erin, welcome to my blog, and thank you for sharing your awesome book covers as well your awesomely-funny-crazy self with us. (I mean crazy in the good way, not in the gnaw off someone’s arm if they happen to fall asleep in the same room as you way). 🙂

Erin: Oh my gosh!  Thanks for having me today!  So ready to negatively influence…..I mean, have some fun with you!

Selena: Pretty sure your influences will be the good kind of negative. 🙂 You’re a member of the Nine Naughty Novelist blog . What makes you a naughty novelist?

Erin: My mouth!  I swear like a trucker… totally shocked the girls when we first met in person!

Selena: You’re shitting…

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