There is this man I love… (not my husband)

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There is this man I love.

He is my best friend, the kind of friend I can call upon anytime of the day or night. He listens to me always. Whatever my questions, fears, or desires, he invites me to pour them out to him. He doesn’t care when I cry, when I lash out, or when I am quiet.

He is my teacher, the kind of teacher who never loses patience and bestows wisdom when I don’t even realize that is what he is doing. The lessons I learn come not from books but from him walking through my life with me.

He is my counselor, the kind of counselor who never says to me ‘time’s up’. His space is safe and his invitation to lament and wrestle with the tough stuff is open ended. I gain insight and healing in his midst.

He is my refuge. The kind of refuge…

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Leadership Intuition: Learning To Listen To Your Gut

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Several years ago my strategic partner and good friend Hugh Massie, Founder and CEO of DNA Behavior International, mentioned that he was learning to trust his gut instincts more.

This caught my attention since he is a CPA by training and a very results-oriented, rational person.

Then as I read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink, I learned about this idea of the “second mind,” as he called it. Gladwell raised the visibility of the power of intuition, but I suspect that it was only for a short time for most people.

Using Intuition

Last summer at the National Speakers Association Convention, I met a leadership consultant who was building her speaking platform around the idea that leaders (who have mostly been trained like engineers to trust rationality and disregard feelings) needed to learn to use their intuition more to make better decisions.

Just recently I read another…

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7 Myths About Being A Writer

101 Books

You’ve heard them. I’ve heard them. We’ve all probably heard them at some point. They’re old myths and bad information on what it’s like, or what you need, to be a writer.

The life of a writer is portrayed one way. But, for most everyday writers, it’s pretty far removed from that portrayal.

I hope I can add some limited clarity to what it’s like being a writer, and why these are indeed myths.

So here are 7 myths about being a writer.

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Horror Book Club Discusses THE KING IN YELLOW

BookPeople's Blog

“Tell me more about Carcosa,” the police investigators questioned the members of the Nightmare Factory book club one by one, “and this Yellow King.”

Joe, absentmindedly crafting voodoo dolls from empty cans of Lone Star, took a perfunctory drag from his ubiquitous Camel Light and quid pro quoed, “I don’t reckon you’ve got the right outlook to comprehend the answers to your questions,” peering superciliously across the timeworn tabletop, he continued, “much less the answers to the questions you should be asking.” He had won.

Confused, but undeterred, the police soldiered on. “We have it on record that you view time as a flat circle. How does that affect your participation in the activities, perverse or otherwise, of your book club?”
Propelling himself backward from his accuser, Joe smoldered, “Join us at the cafe in BookPeople on Tuesday April 15th at 8:00 p.m. to discuss The King In Yellow by…

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A Naughty Novelist Plus A Givewaway

Selena Robins, Author

Please join me in welcoming, the talented, witty and always naughty, multi-published author, Erin Nicholas. Erin is also generously giving away one of her books (contest details below).

Selena: Erin, welcome to my blog, and thank you for sharing your awesome book covers as well your awesomely-funny-crazy self with us. (I mean crazy in the good way, not in the gnaw off someone’s arm if they happen to fall asleep in the same room as you way). 🙂

Erin: Oh my gosh!  Thanks for having me today!  So ready to negatively influence…..I mean, have some fun with you!

Selena: Pretty sure your influences will be the good kind of negative. 🙂 You’re a member of the Nine Naughty Novelist blog . What makes you a naughty novelist?

Erin: My mouth!  I swear like a trucker… totally shocked the girls when we first met in person!

Selena: You’re shitting…

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