Wandering into Night Vale…

Sheryl Nantus


It was a hot summer night when I took a detour off my usual route, following a yellow sign that, in retrospect, had to have been misplaced. I say this because no one ever followed me and when I retraced my route it had disappeared.

But that’s another story.

My radio scanned the airwaves for a local station and discovered the Night Vale Community Radio Show, hosted by a man called Cecil.

I drove on, transfixed by the news coming over the radio.

I remember driving through a town or at least a series of buildings that seemed to be enough to be designated a town. There was a dog park… was there?

All I know is that when I found myself on the road out of Night Vale, the lovely tones of Cecil’s voice diminishing as I returned to the highway was that I wanted to return to Night…

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Escape. Imagine. Read.


As we head into the long Labor Day holiday weekend here in the United States, this is your public service announcement.

Take time to …


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Leading a Healthy Life After Retirement

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So you’ve finally made it to the promise land of retirement, woo hoo! You’re probably ready to relax the days away with an ice cold drink by the blue pool that even the deepest blue eyes would be jealous of.

But let’s just slow down a little bit, you still need your health to enjoy all the money you have saved, right?

Here are 3 ways to get healthy and active after retirement.

1. Make a Habit of Exercise – Don’t Break the Chain!

Habits are very powerful actions that can positively or negatively affect your life. When you perform an action enough times consistently, it becomes habit. If that action is beneficial, you’ve successfully added a habit that will improve your life. So how do you make a habit out of exercise? Simple! Create something you won’t want to break, a chain.

This method was Jerry Seinfeld’s secret to…

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