Wandering into Night Vale…

Sheryl Nantus


It was a hot summer night when I took a detour off my usual route, following a yellow sign that, in retrospect, had to have been misplaced. I say this because no one ever followed me and when I retraced my route it had disappeared.

But that’s another story.

My radio scanned the airwaves for a local station and discovered the Night Vale Community Radio Show, hosted by a man called Cecil.

I drove on, transfixed by the news coming over the radio.

I remember driving through a town or at least a series of buildings that seemed to be enough to be designated a town. There was a dog park… was there?

All I know is that when I found myself on the road out of Night Vale, the lovely tones of Cecil’s voice diminishing as I returned to the highway was that I wanted to return to Night…

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