There is this man I love… (not my husband)

Writings and Ruminations


There is this man I love.

He is my best friend, the kind of friend I can call upon anytime of the day or night. He listens to me always. Whatever my questions, fears, or desires, he invites me to pour them out to him. He doesn’t care when I cry, when I lash out, or when I am quiet.

He is my teacher, the kind of teacher who never loses patience and bestows wisdom when I don’t even realize that is what he is doing. The lessons I learn come not from books but from him walking through my life with me.

He is my counselor, the kind of counselor who never says to me ‘time’s up’. His space is safe and his invitation to lament and wrestle with the tough stuff is open ended. I gain insight and healing in his midst.

He is my refuge. The kind of refuge…

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